The First Gaming Console My Family Owned

1977 JCPenny Christmas page319tumblr_mp8bmafEJw1s2xpeeo1_500

I often refer to my first gaming console as “a PONG clone my family bought at Sears-Roebuck in the late 70s”. I wasn’t too far off. Recently while perusing through a scanned catalog from J.C. Penny, I found the exact model we had — a Coleco Telstar Ranger. I distinctly recall the revolver and the shooting games. My whole family would play this console. There was also a selectable game called Jai Alai, which I recall as being significant now as my family lived in Florida at the time and that game was popular there.

It’s funny how memories work. I completely forgot the details of this system until I found this ad. I can now recall playing the skeet games with that gun and playing the Pong style games with my sister.