Corrupted Memory

Yesterday, I went to wrap Christmas gifts I had purchased over the last couple of weeks. After doing a quick visual inventory, I found I was missing a gift I bought for my wife and daughter that should have been in the same envelope together. The envelope contained something for my wife (which shall remain a secret for the next few days) and a ring for my daughter. This ring is shaped like a turtle and pretty easy to identify.

Here is where it gets weird. I distinctly recall both gifts coming in the mail via a bubble mailer envelope. I recall being very busy, opening it, seeing the turtle ring, and quickly placing the envelope somewhere I wouldn’t forget. Of course, I forgot, but that’s not the key thing in this story.

Last night I told my wife about this and how bad I felt about forgetting where I placed it. I searched all over the house, trying desperately to recall fleeting memories where I had shoved this envelope. I sort of recalled placing it in our spare bedroom with the other unwrapped gifts. I also recalled maybe placing it a cabinet in our living room. Anyhow, we spent a lot of time looking and couldn’t find it.

This morning I checked my email to see what day it had been delivered. I planned on digging through our trash to see if I had thrown it out accidentally and wanted to narrow down which garbage bags to look in. I was dreading digging through all the garbage. Anyhow, I looked it up and found the tracking info. It was scheduled to be delivered TODAY and in fact, it arrived a few minutes ago — in a box, not a bubble mailer.

It’s amazing and sometimes horrific how human memory works and how unreliable it can be — kind of scary, really.